New Case Study: Generating a new income stream for Cumbria County Council

Oxygen have been working hand in hand with Cumbria Council to implement and operate the Premier Supply Service (PSS) since early 2014 and the programme continues to be a great success for the council and its suppliers. The council set a target to generate an income of £400,000 in this financial year and are comfortably exceeding this. With hundreds of suppliers participating, across more than £80 million of annual spend, more suppliers are enquiring each day about signing up.

Cumbria decided that Oxygen’s solution offered the opportunity they were looking for, to support their income generation aspirations in difficult economic times and to improve their P2P processes, while offering suppliers the opportunity to receive faster payment of their invoices. In addition to early payment, participating suppliers also benefit from:

  • Increased process efficiency via e-invoicing
  • Dedicated processing and query resolution
  • Closer collaboration and an integrated long-term relationship
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and increased visibility within the Council

Key to such high uptake has been the support for the programme from senior council staff and the skills and resources available within Oxygen’s Supplier Onboarding team, who leveraged our suite of tried and tested sales and marketing assets to engage with suppliers by phone, email and in person. These assets included a microsite, explaining the benefits to suppliers, a video from the Chief Executive articulating the importance of the PSS and a brochure that explained in detail how the programme would mutually benefit the council and suppliers.

Click on the image below to read our new Case Study to find out what the Council and participating suppliers have to say about the programme.

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