Improve your Environmental Credentials with Oxygen Finance

Oxygen Finance are always looking at ways in which we can reduce our clients’ carbon footprints as well as our own. Our cloud based rebate solution with eInvoicing can help towards your organisation’s green credentials. With the use of eInvoicing there is less of a requirement for paper invoices which is significantly better for the environment and also saves money and time, which optimises your supply chain.

It is estimated to take 12 million trees to create the 30 billion invoices that are sent in Europe each year. Removing these paper invoices, suggests the EU, will remove three million tonnes of CO2 from the environment. Sustainability is one of the EU’s key reasons for promoting eInvoicing to all businesses across Europe and we at Oxygen are 100% backing this plan to become paperless.

The SMART 2020 Report highlighted the smart use of technology to dematerialise, replace physical processes with electronic ones, as a key way to reduce the CO2 emissions of business in general. eInvoicing is a simple and logical step in this direction.

We have already implemented eInvoicing to many of our existing clients with our cloud based rebate solution and our clients are experiencing the following benefits:

  • Faster retrieval of money from customers by reducing the time an invoice or payment is in the post
  • Reduced printing and postage costs
  • Quicker and cheaper processing as the information in electronic invoices can be fed directly into a company’s payment and accounting systems
  • Lower storage costs
  • Decrease in errors due to manual recycling of data
  • Reduced opportunity for fraud and therefore increase in compliance
  • Reduced training and system development costs

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